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- We are excited to announce a new and improved version of our popular EMU engine control unit, EMU Classic. Our goal at ECUMaster is to offer the best possible products at an affordable price. The new EMU Classic is proof of our commitment to this goal. We improved the EMU's design based on customer feedback and kept the price at a similar point. The main improvements are as follows:

Improved ignition outputs that allow the use of multiple active coils on one output

Separate 5V output regulator for external sensors, Highly shielded H-Bridges (stepper outputs), Galvanically separated USB port, Compact CNC machined, black anodized housing (147x62x30 mm vs 155x120x45 mm) Both EMU and EMU CLASSIC use the same firmware and software package . EMU Classic is designed to power the most advanced and complex engines currently available. EMU CLASSIC controls fuel, ignition and auxiliary systems on 1-12 cylinder engines, including those with fly-by-wire throttle and VVT. Using the latest technologies in electronics and software, ECUMaster EMU CLASSIC

Common applications for ECUMaster EMU CLASSIC are modified sports cars and racing engines, motorcycles, boats and stationary engines.
6 Fuel injector output (5A) (12 injectors in mass fire)
6 AUX outputs (5A)
6 Ignition outputs - Passive or active coils, software selectable (7A) (supports up to 12 cylinders)
4 stepper motor output - bipolar / unipolar (1A)
2 direct EGT input channels
2 knock sensor inputs (supports flat response or resonant sensors)
Onboard broadband O2 controller for Bosch LSU 4.2
Built-in 4 bar MAP sensor
Built-in barometric pressure sensor
4 Digital inputs VR / HALL - software selectable
3 Dedicated analog inputs (TPS, CLT, IAT)
8 additional analog inputs (0-5V)
Compliance with ISO 7637
Supports 1-12 rollers
Supports up to two variable cams (VVTi, VANOS etc.)
Maximum RPM 16000
Injection time resolution 16us
Ignition advance resolution 0.5 degrees
Knock detection 1-20 kHz
Rate Density, Alpha-N algorithm
16x20 VE fuel chart, resolution up to 0.1% VE
16x20 Firing table, resolution up to 0.5 degrees
16x20 Target AFR table, resolution 0.1 AFR
Injector voltage compensation
Coil fit calibration
User calibrated IAT, CLT
PID idle control strategy
PID Boost Control, advanced strategies: per gear, per speed
Nitrogen control with fuel and ignition modification tables
Fuel pumps, radiator fans, etc. Auxiliary outputs for
Motorsport features: launch control, gear-dependent shift light, manual transmission (shift cutout)
Logging available for over 100 parameters
Check engine light output
Full Flex Fuel capacity with map blending (requires ethanol content sensor)
Advanced features offered with additional modules: Drive by Wire throttle, Bluetooth adapter for using an Android device to view indicators
USB communication, no additional interface required, uses standard USB cable (included)
ECUMaster EMU comes with user-friendly software with free firmware upgrades
24 months warranty
Windows 2000 or newer (including XP, Vista, 8, 10 and more)
Screen resolution at least 1024x768 16bit
CPU clocked at least 600MHz
USB input

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