• Software chiptuning

    Stage1 Stage2 Stage3

    soft or hard software

    ecu sensor codings

    cutter types and more

  • Egr fault solutions

    We solve your EGR problem with a forever guarantee.

    Egr information 
  • Particle filter fault solutions

    You can remove the DPF system from your vehicle in 2 stages forever.

    Dpf information 
  • Adblue fault solution

    The process of canceling AdBlue from the brain, that is, the engine control unit, is done by deactivating the AdBlue-related lines in the software of your vehicle's engine control unit and reloading them to your vehicle.

  • Erase fault code

    If there is a malfunction that cannot be resolved and this malfunction does not show a decrease in the traction of your vehicle, we can hide it and prevent it from appearing on your display and fault devices.

  • Cutter and popbang

    We can make a breaker for your vehicle that does not have a breaker at all, or we can make the breaker for your vehicle with a rev breaker harder and more aggressive. Additionally, with the popbang application, you can make the exhaust explode at certain rev ranges when you take your foot off the gas.

  • External brain assembly

    Our external brain assembly for all vehicles regardless of brand. Only suitable for gasoline vehicles.

  • External brain setting

    Regardless of the brand, we make adjustments to all external brains on the road and on the dyno.

  • handmade plumbing

    Our handmade installation production only for vehicles with external brain. It is only assembled in our shop, we do not sell it outside.

  • External brain production

    We are the manufacturer of stable v8 ecu. Although we have used different external brains in the industry before, we have examined their problems and problems and produced a problem-free and cost-effective brain for you.

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  • PNP external brain production

    Pnp means plug and play, which means that this computer, which can be installed in your vehicle in a very short time and installed without any cutting or cutting, uses the infrastructure of the stable V8 external brain. For now, we only have production for some models.

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  • Technical support

    We do repairs for your external brains, but the most important thing we pay attention to is the way the brain is connected to your vehicle and its condition. In short, we do not repair brains that can be called garbage. In such a situation, you can send us the internal pictures of the brain and get comments.

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