How can I get a dealership?

If you have a shop for existing cars or if you are thinking of opening a shop from scratch and there is no other dealer within 100 km of the area where you intend to buy our dealership, there is no problem in getting a dealership.

Our dealers

Total expense

All the devices and computers you will purchase are in the 5000 euro range in total and may vary slightly depending on the exchange rate of your current date. We also have a one-time dealership fee of 1500 euros. The signage, decor and table in the shop setup will show the cost depending on your options. The supply of the devices can be done together with you at our main dealer when you come to the training.


You can receive training for up to 1 month at our main dealer, "ECUHARD KARTAL", to learn how to use the devices and general operation, and your computer program installations here. You will be taught how to intervene in vehicles, fine details and everything you need to pay attention to.

Additionally, if you want to do work related to the external brain, training on external brain assembly, zero installation, etc. can be included without any fee.

Signs and logos

We have the drawings of all signs, flags, graffiti and stickers and they will be delivered to you after you get a dealership. All you have to do is send the necessary data to your own advertiser and print it as much as you want.

Material deadline

If you are going to do external brain work, we provide material deadlines to our dealers at a discount. We are the manufacturer and technical service of stable external brand computers. You can buy all the materials from the socket to the coil from us.

What can we do to vehicles?


Operation and payment system

We have a panel that does not require you to think about when pricing vehicles. Our system determines the price you will give to the customer based on the transactions requested from here. When you process a vehicle, the order of operations is as follows.

  1. Connecting the device to the vehicle
  2. copying brain information and the software in the brain to the computer
  3. Send us the information you copied from the dealer panel and write down the transactions to be performed in detail.
  4. install the software sent to you by us on the vehicle

Superficially, standard software operations are like this, but depending on the vehicles and brain models, connecting to the vehicle may be done using different methods and may be difficult.

Dealer panel

learn software

Creating software for standard tools is a really difficult process. Every tool is like a book. Each of them has details that require different expertise. If you could do the file writing yourself, you wouldn't need us anyway. We do not provide training on how to make files for original vehicles. However, we can help you on how to make minor corrections for vehicles with external brains and where to change them.

team work

All of our dealers established to date are professionals in their field and have received training from us. We have a group that includes all our dealers, and when you become a new dealer, we will include you in this group, and you will find many people who will always answer and support you when you have problems or problems that you cannot solve.

Dealership application

How can I get a dealership?

First of all, you must have a business related to automobiles registered in your name or you must commit to opening a new business. is required. This is the first requirement. We do not give dealership to people who do not have a business.

Can I get a dealership in my region?

We can provide dealerships to all domestic and international provinces where we have not previously provided dealerships. Sometimes we give dealership in big districts like Istanbul where transportation is difficult. in the provinces where it is located. You can review the provinces where we currently have dealership on our website.

Which devices do you use?

-Flex obd & bench slave edition (master software device) -> 1800 euro (with annual update)
-Launch diagnostic device -> 500 euro (with annual update)
-Elm327 bt diagnostic device -> 20 euro
-Inpa bmw fault detection -> 50 euro
-Desktop power supply 5a -> 100 euro
-Battery charger 10a -> 100 euro
-Kess and ktag assistive devices -> 500 euro
-Lenovo thinkpad t450,t460,t470 laptop
-866ttl chip reader -> it is okay not to buy it in the first place
-solder station -> it may not be purchased in the first place
-boot frames and workbench -> it's okay if you don't buy it in the first place
These are the main devices, there are things other than these, but you can do basic work with them. On average, the cost of the devices is in the range of 3000-4000 euros. You can purchase the devices second hand.

Who will supply the devices?

If you want, we can supply the devices for you, or you can supply them yourself, it doesn't matter.

If we become a dealer, how will we learn to use the devices?

We offer our dealers who can come to our Istanbul Kartal dealer the opportunity to work in our shop for 2 weeks. You can see all the devices closely and learn to use them under our control.
We can provide online remote connection and video call training for people who are not close to our company.

Can I take on the dealership as an additional job for my current company?

Engine repairmen, auto accessory dealers, exhaust repairers and maintenance services can become our dealership.

Do you think I can do this job?

It may seem like child's play for people who speak intermediate level English, intermediate level electronics, intermediate computer skills and analytical intelligence.

How does it work?

1-The vehicle to be processed is connected to the fault detection device, and any faults are sent to us.
2-The software device is connected to the vehicle and the copy of the vehicle brain is uploaded to our site
3- While installing, the vehicle information and the software required to be installed are explained in detail.
4-The software is made by our company and sent to you via the site.
5-You install the software file you purchased into the vehicle
6-After the installation is completed, a test tour is made and delivered to the customer.

How much is your dealership fee?

It is 1500 euros for one time only.

How much will I earn?

Your earnings from each vehicle will be different, but we can tell you that your general average earnings per vehicle will be 33%, which means that in a 1500-unit transaction, the file fee of 500 units and 1000 units will remain in your pocket.

How much does any software operation cost?

These prices vary depending on the vehicle. Prices vary depending on the amount of transactions made. However, we provide our dealers with a 50% discount compared to customers who request standard files from us.

If you want to join us, you can send your CV with the application form.