BMW m57 engine types tuning software and parts upgrade

Turbocharged BMW diesel engines are suitable for modifications.

On this page, I will tell you about the details about the 6-cylinder m57 engines.

M57 engines were available with many different power versions. These have been released in different car models over the years. Powers are: 184, 193, 197, 204, 218, 231, 235, 272, 286HP. The main hardware differences are the turbo, injectors and ECU.

I give more detailed information in the table.

Engine M57
184/193 hp
M57N 204hp
Euro 3
M57N 204hp
Euro 4
M57N 218hp
Euro 3
M57N 218hp
Euro 4
Turbo GT2256 GT2260V GT2260V GT2260V GT2260V GTB2260V
K26 R2S
K26 R2S
turbo control Vacuum Vacuum with card Vacuum with card with card with card Vacuum Vacuum
Turbo pressure (bar) 1.15 1.4 1.4 1.45 1.45 1.4 1.48 1.82 1.85
Maximum turbo performance as standard 230hp 260hp 265hp 280hp 285hp 285hp 285hp 345hp 345hp
Maximum turbo performance
(with big intercooler + egr dpf cancellation + big downpipe)
240hp 280hp 290hp 290hp 300hp 320hp 320hp 360hp 370hp
high pressure pump CP1 CP3R90 CP3R90 CP3R90 CP3R90 CP3 R70 CP3 R70 CP3R90 CP3 R70
High pressure pump hp limit 270hp 450hp 450hp 450hp 450hp 370hp 370hp 450hp 370hp
Injector code 047 131 216 131 216 209 Piezo 219 Piezo
Injector max hp limit 270hp 280hp 330hp 280hp 330hp 260hp 450hp 450hp 450hp
Map sensor maximum reading limit (bar) 1.45 2.1 2.1 2.1 3 3 3 3 3
motor blog cast iron cast iron cast iron cast iron cast iron aluminum aluminum cast iron aluminum

sensor upgrade

Sometimes you will need parts of other models to get more power from your engine, because the limits of the original sensors in your vehicle may make it possible to install limited software on your vehicle. Among the engine models in the table, the model that can get the most power without changing anything with software and minor interventions is the M57n 272hp. You can safely use the sensors of this engine in other models with cast blocks.

Most of the parts of m57 engines can be fitted together, but it should not be forgotten that coding is required. Otherwise, your vehicle may suffer major damage. You can have coding-related procedures done in our company.

Engine selection for swap

For those who are considering swapping this engine to their vehicle, it is also worth noting that the M57n 204 hp model, available in the M57 (184 and 193 hp) and E46, has a smaller transmission case. All later models have a larger transmission housing. It is useful to check your engine model when choosing a transmission for your swap operations. The barrel size difference is of great importance in flywheel selection. Pressure and lining do not make any difference between large and small flywheels.

Valid preference reason for swap

There should be models with cast blocks because they are more resistant to high stress and horsepower, and both the injectors and other parts are 3 times cheaper than aluminum engines.

Things to consider in the swap process

  1. If your vehicle is e30 e36 and similar old chassis vehicles, if you want the indicators to work properly, you must use the 184hp or 193hp model. The engine code of these models is 306d1 and it uses Bosch EDC15C4 computer as the computer. Your analog indicators work perfectly. Since EDC16 ECU versions are available in other M57 models, the display communication system is CANBUS. Naturally, these brains will not work the indicator of your old car.
  2. If you want the temperature needle on your gauge to show properly, you can remove the gauge temperature sensor in your vehicle's original engine and connect it by threading the aluminum part where the large water hose is located at the bottom of the manifold of the M57 engine you have swapped.
  3. You must choose the correct crankcase that is compatible with your vehicle. In m57 engines, the rear crankcase is usually removed. For your vehicles with body codes e30 and e34, a front crankcase model is required, it is not available very often. In this way, you can make the crankcases of gasoline vehicles with engine codes m50 m52 m54 compatible with your m57 engine with a few interventions.
  4. The job is not finished by swapping and plugging everything together. The most crucial part is the software. In order for the vehicle's original computer to work properly, it needs to receive information from many places. If it cannot receive this information, your vehicle will be in limp mode, that is, protection mode, and will never provide its original power. You can get software support from our company.

If you bought an engine with half the wiring cut off

Only if you bring us the sockets on the brain side completely, we can reconnect the part of the installation from the cut part to the brain perfectly.

Operations we can do with software for the M57 engine

  1. ews immo cancellation without using emulator
  2. egr cancellation
  3. dpf particle filter cancellation
  4. swril flap manifold valves removal
  5. lambda oxygen sensor cancellation
  6. speed limit removal
  7. maf flowmeter cancellation
  8. Speed ​​signal cancellation (usually in vehicles without ABS, the vehicle does not accelerate to 4000 rpm)
  9. ECU setting for switching from automatic to manual gear
  10. stage1 stage2 stage3 software
  11. hardcut popcorn cutters
  12. map sensor coding
  13. rail pressure sensor coding
  14. wastegate cancellation (to use gasoline turbo)
  15. adjusting idle speed (to the speed you want)

Our sample videos


e34 m57d30 306d1 swap First run

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E36 m57n swap installation construction

♬ original audio - Winners Club
@ecuhard e34 m57d30 swap handmade installation #okmotors #ecuhard ♬ original sound - ECUHARD.COM 🌀
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