Bmw m50 tek vanos yeni model kesici Siemens ms40.1 beyin için

For bmw m50 single vanos new model cutter Siemens ms40.1 brain

As you know, the original computer of your M50 single vane vehicles with Siemens m40.1 brain is

  • ews immobilizer cancellation
  • setting an advance
  • fuel adjustment
  • last cycle boost
  • popbang

We could, but we could not add a circuit breaker. ecuhard R&D team has now solved this problem and has launched our new model cutters.

  • speed breaker

Our feature is now ready to use.

You can look at our sample video.


BMW E36 m50 single vanos Siemens ms40.1 breaker

♬ original sound - ECUHARD.COM 🌀

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