Compatible with EDC15 and EDC16 brains

For now, it is a system that we can apply to Bosch edc15c4, edc16c31, edc16c35 and edc16cp35 eculars.

We do not use emulators

In EWS cancellation models that use an emulator, it has been observed that the emulator is broken or reset after a certain period of time, and therefore it is not a good solution system. Your emulator may break down, especially during battery replacement and brain disassembly and reassembly operations. There is no such problem with our solutions and you can use them for a lifetime without any problems.

You will not need an EWS box or CAS system.

You will not even need to connect it to your vehicle. After canceling the EWS and CAS process, your engine will not ask for permission from the EWS and CAS system to start and will start directly.

We do no harm

In most cancellations, we do not even need to dismantle the brain of your vehicle. In some models, there is a need to remove the brain and open the interior. In such operations, we do not perform operations such as soldering or wiring inside the brain, we connect it from the point where it should be connected with appropriate adapters as in the picture on the right and do a clean job.