What Happens If EGR is Canceled in a Car?

EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. This is a system that helps reduce the amount of pollution in the car's exhaust gases. EGR cancellation is a system that cancels EGR and affects the performance of the vehicle. On the other hand, it will cause more environmental pollution as it will reduce the amount of emissions. So what happens if the EGR is broken? EGR is an engine's exhaust gas recirculation valve. The main purpose of this valve is to recirculate the exhaust gas back to the engine to reduce the possibility of harmful emissions escaping into the atmosphere. EGR valve is also called “EGR valve”, “EGR valve actuator” and “EGR valve controller”.

If EGR is canceled, will the vehicle pass inspection?

EGR cancellation has nothing to do with vehicle inspection. During the inspection, it is not possible to check whether the vehicle has EGR or not. During the inspection, the personnel only check whether your vehicle has an exhaust gasket. If you have passed the required emission values ​​and completed the exhaust inspection, you will not have any problems during the normal inspection.

Why is EGR cancellation not a problem?

You may have heard of Euro laws. This is the European Union emission laws. Since Turkey is not registered with the European Union, no study has been carried out on emission values. Compared to Europe, the emission values ​​of our vehicles can be much higher and there will be no problems. Of course, there is a limit to this. However, just because the EGR has been canceled, the emission values ​​of a solid vehicle will not exceed Türkiye's limits.

Arabada EGR İptal Edilirse Ne Olur?
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