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What is Afr time and what does it do?

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What is Afr time?

In summary, it is an oxygen sensor connected to the exhaust that provides very precise detailed information. Its function is to show the air fuel ratio.

Why don't software developers want to make settings without afr time?

Cars generally operate most perfectly under load when 1 gram of fuel is given to 14.7 grams of air. Software developers need this indicator to adjust these rates from the vehicle software. If there is no indicator, they have to set it as an estimate. For example, they will adjust the sound of the vehicle according to the smell of the exhaust, but this will not provide 100% optimal adjustment at every speed and under different load conditions.

How to assemble the Afr watch?

The Afr sensor should be placed at the closest point in the exhaust, immediately after the engine or turbo. The most important thing to consider when mounting is to connect the sensor to the exhaust in a vertical or nearly vertical position. If it is connected completely horizontally or downwards, the holes at the end of the sensor will become clogged within a few days and it will become inoperable. After the sensor is connected, the sockets can be connected as shown in the diagram below, and the red cable in the 2nd cable can be connected to the contact electricity, and the black cable can be tightened to the chassis anywhere in the vehicle. Other cables are optional and may remain empty.

What should the Afr values ​​be?

The value written on the AFR timer screen means how much air it reads for 1 gram of fuel. As the value increases, it means that there is less fuel left as the air rises.

Afr should be around 14.0-15.5 when you accelerate slightly, and around 12.0-13.0 when you accelerate at full throttle. You may see the ---- sign when the vehicle is on the compressor, this is normal. It means that the vehicle completely cuts off fuel during compressor operation.

It does not matter whether it is LPG or gasoline in terms of the values ​​on the screen. Gasoline or LPG should aim for the same reference value.

In turbo and loaded vehicles, values ​​up to 11 at full throttle are considered normal.

It is acceptable for the values ​​to be outside but close to this range when you press low throttle, but if you see values ​​of 8-9-10 or 14-15-16-17-18 at full throttle, it will be a big problem for your vehicle.

Where can we buy it and how much does it cost?

Although its price varies from time to time, it is around 240 dollars on average. It is not easy to obtain. You can search for "Yener Arıcı" on Facebook and buy it from him.

afr watches made in china

Fake AFR watches bought from Aliexpress or similar Chinese sites will not work even if they are 1%. Our customers have brought it to us many times and as a result of our tests, it has been observed that they do not work properly. Some Chinese sites have a copy of the device. Although they show value, they are useless because they work dully and with a lot of delay. As you can see, the most important thing is that you can do a cheap job and cause great damage to your vehicle with one moment of gassing.